Furnace Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Furnace Operating Correctly

Your furnace is a very important component of your home, especially during the winter months. It is important to do regular furnace maintenance to keep your vital investment working properly. Doing regular furnace maintenance will help to extend the life of your furnace. Many homeowners do not know what kind of furnace maintenance they need to hire to have done or what they can do themselves. Below are our top tips for furnace maintenance to keep you warm through the winter.

Furnace Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Furnace Operating Correctly | AC Today
  • Furnace Filters: The number one most important thing you can do for furnace maintenance is changing your furnace filters on time. Keeping your furnace filters clean will help your furnace to circulate air efficiently, increase the life of your furnace, and keep the air in your home clean.
  • Listen, Smell, and Look: Keep your ear out for any funny noises coming from your furnace. If you smell anything off, like rotten eggs, call your utility company right away, and take time to look at your furnace to make sure that everything looks in order.
  • Clean: Dirt and dust can hinder the performance of your furnace. Clean the outside of your furnace and if you are going to clean the inside be sure to be very careful. Bumping the wrong thing can cause serious damage. We recommend having your furnace cleaned and maintenance done annually by a professional.

Doing these simple furnace maintenance tips will help to keep your home warm and comfortable. If you need any help with your furnace maintenance please give us a call at AC Today in Cary, North Carolina.

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