Spring is the favorite season of the year for just about everyone. Even allergy sufferers take the good with the bad and find cause to rejoice when winter is replaced with colorful flowers and the chance to go outdoors without bundling up. It is like everyone gets this boost of energy, and perhaps that is true because of getting energized by sunshine and nature’s awakenings. Another thing that we think about this time of year is spring cleaning and maintenance tasks. There’s no better time to put AC maintenance on that to-do list. Here’s why:

  • Energy Efficiency: Opening that first power bill after a month of air conditioning use is not the time to find out your air conditioner isn’t operating as efficiently as it should be. AC maintenance before you turn it on ensures you’ll have the lowest possible power bill that first month and through the summer.
  • Peace of Mind: You also don’t want to find out that your AC isn’t working on the first hot day of summer. With AC maintenance, it will be thoroughly inspected and ready to go when you need it.
  • Upgrade Option: When you schedule AC maintenance early in the cooling season, you’ll have more time to get organized if you find out you need a new system because yours is on its last leg or won’t give you the energy efficiency you desire.

If you are ready to schedule AC maintenance or need any other HVAC service at your Cary, North Carolina home or business, give us a call at AC Today. While we do offer emergency air conditioning services, we’d much prefer to help you avoid the need for them. Call today to learn more.

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